Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Steampunk in LA

Steampunk is an SF sub-genre. Think H G Wells or Jules Verne - Victorian technology extrapolated to the limit. Entries since the term was coined (as a reference to cyberpunk) include William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine (novel), Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic book as this blog refuses to acknowledge the film), Howl's Moving Castle (anime) and Van Helsing (film). Now, the term seems to have reached the mainstream, or at least the restaurant column of the LA Times (via The Independent) in this description of Gordon Ramsey's new West Hollywood restaurant:
The interior, fitted out with brass and mirrors, is kind of a steam-punk take on a ’70s disco lounge, and the menu, at least at opening, is a riff on the small-plates style of restaurant, a long succession of courses molded into perfect circles or neat rectangles, big enough to share and priced relatively gently for this level of dining room at $14-$22.

So. For Steampunk it's today Gordon Ramsey's restaurant, tomorrow the world!