Friday, June 20, 2008

Amber Alert!

Yesterday I got a fiver in my change with the words "Amber Alert" written on it.

Now I thought I was prepared for any emergency; I had my overnight kit, 8 cans of cider, a punnet of cherries, some reconstituted potato snacks, and a sequel to the The Three Muskateers with me. But I wasn't ready for an Amber Alert being sent to me on negotiable currency.

Fortunately this is the internet, so there are websites that will help you with this kind of problem. Here's an exerpt from Fafblog's In Case of Emergency post:

1. Is there an emergency?
   a. Yes!
      - Quick! Break glass in case of emergency.
         - Oh no, now I'm all cut and bleeding on this broken glass!
            - Sounds like an emergency! Quick, break more glass.
      - Okay, I broke the glass! Now what?
         - Oh no, what'd you do that for! You needed that glass for the emergency!
            - Oh, what do I do now!
               - Quick, glue your glass back together while there's still time! Then break it. Hurry, it's an emergency!

Full post (and it gets better) here.

As for the fiver, I gave that to Jim. Amber Alert Jim!