Monday, June 05, 2017

5 Things to Keep In Your Pockets If, God Forbid, You Should Have An Accident And Lose Your Memory

1. A matchbook from sleazy club. Not too sleazy though. The waitresses keep their tops on. It’s always good to have somewhere you can get a drink on your investigation trail. [1]

2. A 1937 Silver Half Crown. These go for about £10 which is not a lot, but enough to get you started. Also when the antiques guy notes that it is suspiciously unworn it will raise the question of time travel.

3. A small screwdriver. Always useful.

4. Page 3 of 5 of a letter in which the unnamed writer talks about their reasons for doing something that they don’t explain on that page. Mystery and foreshadowing and some ideas for questions to ask. [2]

5. A key ring advertising Bob’s garage, but unfortunately the phone number has rubbed off, and the key is a copy, not readily identifiable. Whatever it opens will offer at least as many questions as it answers.

[1] Do clubs and bars have matchbooks anymore? Back in the 80s my Dad worked for the Port of Dover and amongst the souvenir/swag items they would give away to visitors were Port of Dover matchbooks, which had the slogan “Matchless”, which now I think of it is not actually that good a slogan to put on a book of matches? Anyway, the actual joke was that the dockers, finding that the matchbook was of low quality and feeling slightly out of sorts with their union at the time claimed the slogan should be “We Never Strike”.

[2] Does anyone write letters anymore? I’m thinking about it and other than formal business and notes in cards I think I maybe wrote two last year?
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