Friday, February 15, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: More Movie Night

Number 29 is a brief Acrostic review of this film.  I'm not sure why I wasn't excited by it. Too zany? Not zany enough? At least Wikipedia sorts out that it's set in 1925, So that 60s looking room is actually a 20s Bauhaus modernist room. Not totally convinced.

The Abominable Dr Phibes -
He visits the ten plagues of
Egypt on his victims

As he has a PhD in Theology -
Believes eight incompetent doctors and
One nurse caused his wife (Caroline
Munro) to die. Although believed dead he
Is disfigured and will
Not be able to rest until
All those responsible are
Bizarrely killed. This is
Like a revenge film, but more tragic than
Expected; also funnier. His

Dreamlike mansion includes an organ that
Rises up into a clockwork orchestra -

Perhaps my reservations are that I
Hoped Batman would come along to
Investigate rather than the Scotland Yard
Blunderers. The final deathtrap is
Entertaining and clearly an inspiration for
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