Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conversations of the Day

A bumper crop of conversation today.

Pupil H: Are you in our class today sir?
Me: Yes I am.
Pupil H: Right. Is that good?
Me: You tell me.
Pupil S: It is, because Miss doesn't get so annoyed when you're in the class.

The causal process is this: that when Miss is on her own, she can only help one pupil at a time. So work-related conversations spring up, followed by non-work-related, at which point the noise gets out of control and Miss has to lay down the law. If I'm there, there's more help, less work conversation and much less non-work conversation. Result: less aggravation.

I note that Pupil H and Pupil S have had to be moved to opposite sides of the classroom to stop them talking.

Later in class:

Pupil S: Can I have a ruler sir?
Me: There's one on the floor under the desk.
Pupil S: Can you pick it up for me.
Pupil S: I'm disabled and can't pick it up.
Me: I'm still not picking it up.
Pupil S: You're just lazy.
Me: That's right. There's no other reason why I wouldn't want to be seen crawling around under a table of teenage girls. No one would ask any questions about that.

And finally we join Miss S giving some advice for the exam next Tuesday:

Miss S: ...don't go out and get drunk this weekend.
Pupil C: We're going to an over-18s, so we have to drink.
Miss S: Right. I'm going to be trawling around every bar, club and alcohol shop in Thanet.
Me: Just like every weekend then Miss.
Miss S: [Laughs]
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