Monday, December 07, 2009

I Cook Food: Flatbread

I've been known to bake bread and it's pretty good if I say so myself. What makes it especially good is that when you make it yourself it's really, really fresh. But it is a bit of a pain to bake it, especially when you can pay through the nose at the baker or the french shop[1] and get really excellent bread.

On the other hand, people all over the world make flatbreads every single day, which can be as simple as camp bread[2], pita bread, tortillas or chapati. Hell, I've cooked this stuff over an open fire! So here's what I tried last night:

Mix 1 hugely over-filled tablespoon of flour with three tablespoons of water. Add a bit more flour until it's a proper dough, then knead for about a minute. Flatten it out and grill it[3] for about five minutes, then turn over and get it out just before it turns black. Ever so slightly doughy (flatter? cook longer at a lower temperature?) but good stuff.

[1] The official name of the french shop is No-Name Shop.
[2] Traditionally served with mince.
[3] Or stick it on a frying pan, or in the oven, or over an open fire on a grill, or a hot stone.
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