Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hands, Heart, Lungs

So I recently acquired three new albums[1], Little Boots' Hands, Florence and the Machine's Lungs, and Ida Maria's not quite thematically continuing Fortress 'round My heart. I've been told that this was utterly predictable as they're all my type.
Ms Welch displays a fine pair of lungs
Ms Sivertsen gives us a moody stare
Ms Hasketh pretends surprise at being photographed

I don't see it myself. Is there a similarity to their look I'm missing? A possible explanation is my partiality to female vocalists, but that hardly constitutes a type; it's a preference in my music rather than in my life.

As it turns out there's a similarity between two of the albums on the back:

Both Ida Maria and Florence and the Machine have chosen to decorate their back cover with anatomical diagrams of a heart and some lungs respectively. Where's the fortress Ida Maria?

Boots, rather than having a picture of some hands, or maybe some small footwear, decides that her back cover needs another picture of herself. Fair enough.

But, you ask, enough of the covers, what of the music? Well, I was hoping for more from Florence, but it seems the singles are her best songs. Here's her cover of Beyonce's Halo

Ida Maria is pretty good, although her voice suffers in comparison to the other two. Here she is doing an acoustic version of her hit I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked with an excellent hat.

I've followed Boots on Youtube for about 9 months and there are all kinds of early versions and covers from her bedroom there, and finally getting the full studio effect on the album is absolutely stunning. Here she is back in her bedroom, doing a cover of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill

[1] Yes, on CD. How 20th century of me!
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