Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stan's tarot: Cups Part 2

Note: The court cards are often used to represent the querent in a reading, so in theory one card will represent you. But which one? If you want to fins out, here's some guidelines:

For each court card I've put down the qualities they represent in a person as a first paragraph; the other readings in the second. Cups represent emotion and reflection and, as I've previously noted the water zodiacal signs. Physically they represent people of "common" colouring, those neither very dark or very fair. Traditionally, children and young women take a Page; older women the Queen; young men the Knight and older men the King.

All of these are pretty vague, and for good reason; it's about what you yourself think of the card. If you feel attracted to a particular card, you should choose that one.

8 of Cups

Abandon materialism and financial security to seek spiritual fulfillment. Leave the old life and seek a new one of simplicity and order. A journey of body or mind. Discover more about yourself by exploring the world around you.

9 of Cups

Joy, fun, merriment; parties, entertainment and social gatherings. Good health, good fortune and fulfillment of wishes. Worldly desires satisfied. Meeting new people and new friends. Be moderate - this card can indicate an excess of enthusiasm.

10 of Cups

Contentment and domestic joy. Familial bliss, celebration, peace and plenty. Total harmony achieved.

Page of Cups

A quiet, gentle studious youth; or an emotional youth; or an older person with youthful qualities.

A message or news. An important time or change in a relationship. Creativity and inspiration. Development of a strong emotional tie. Also: the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Knight of Cups

A sensitive young man of depth; emotional and capable of deep and intense love; afraid to commit for fear of being hurt.

A new lover or intimate friend. An approaching opportunity. An inspired and creative person.

Queen of Cups

A warm loving woman; maternal and nurturing; loyal, honest and trustworthy.

The fulfilment of sacred emotions. Love and care. Accept the myriad of different aspects of your soul and understand their relation to the ones you love. A creative woman. A lover of art and poetry. Also: Scorpio.

King of Cups

A warm loving man; a man who gives good counsel; intuitive, creative,gentle; at home with both masculine and feminine sides.

A quiet achiever; spiritual satisfaction more important than material success.

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