Wednesday, May 09, 2018

I Watch Films: The Watcher

Keanu Reeves is a serial killer of women obsessed with detective James Spader, who has moved to Chicago to try and get away and is also in therapy with Marisa Tomei. Well there’s a concept to toy with.

As well as a superior cast it has a few good scenes. Spader’s character refuses to put up with Reeves’ nonsense when he calls them up. Reeves character sends him photos of women he’s going to kill, which leads to the fairly tense middle portion where the victims go about their day while the police canvas the entire city with fliers, and there’s some really well choreographed scenes in a mall that result from this.

Mostly though it’s a fairly standard serial killer film. The year 2000 phones are absolutely great, and as I’ve been watching The Blacklist, seeing a young James Spader is quite disconcerting.

Watch This: For a competent serial killer film.
Don’t Watch This: If crime and serial killing is not your thing; there’s nothing very interesting going on so I would say it is pretty inessential.
Curiously: Reeves claims that he didn't want to make the film but his assistant forged his signature on the contract so he made it rather than be sued.

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