Friday, May 18, 2018

Liner Notes 6

Some notes on my space opera serial instalment Space Stories/Tall Tales and on the pendant short piece Wavefront Spirituality.

Liner Notes 6

Reading this now and comparing it to my unused ideas list, I’m surprised at the stories I rejected or missed. No plasma pistol shootouts. No wedding. No riddle world. No crazy feast! Still, I really like the idea of the fungus sector. Going to planet after planet, hoping for first contact, puzzles, abandoned technology, something, anything and it’s always fungus.

The current sector they’re in is probably going to be nicknamed the weird dream sector, just so you know.

Jack is the narrator here, bringing to an end the cycle through the crew. They have perhaps the most distinctive voice, and the weirdest mind. I’ve tried to reflect that in the way I wrote.

I didn’t intend to go there with the having sex, and didn’t intend to make the gender thing quite so in your face. But this is Jack, who is kind of an arsehole about things, so what else could I do?

So what stories do we have? Well, there’s the return of Rocket Interceptor and the even-more-dickish-than-Gunn Lord Richards. He’s Zapp Brannigan to Gunn’s Kirk, I guess is what I’m saying. But don’t worry, he and his crew will be back.

We get an outtake from the end of the first story, Partial City Diplomacy, explaining exactly how and why Ella joined the Patrol. Probably unnecessary, but it fills in some gaps.

And of course some old tales of Tommy Gunn. First the adventure of the Dimensional Gate (aka the Hellportal). Then an explanation for how he is only a lieutenant commander despite his immense seniority.

It’s all wrapped up in a science fictional concern which is, what is the nature of the Deep Patrol; how human is it? And then gets a bit meta with stories as the solution! Sorry about that.

Liner Notes 6a

Of course people are going to worship the Unknown Powers. That’s what people do when something big, inexplicable and dangerous comes from out of nowhere.