Monday, May 07, 2018

I Watch Films: Transformers: Last Knight

There’s robot fights, a lot of ridiculous Arthurian nonsense, a secret history explained by Anthony Hopkins and apparently Bumblebee fought Nazis in WW2? An improvement on Age of Extinction, though the new “knight” Transformers are boring. Do they even transform?

I seem to remember that Michael Bay used to put a fairly good sense of space into his films. This doesn’t have that; the fight in the ghost town starts in two and three storey shops and houses, then suddenly they’re in amongst really tall buildings with no establishing shot? And the underwater ship and Cybertron all feel incoherent. There's a non-CGI space in the middle the humans run around while enormous pillars and robots surround them, and though the image is seamless you can see the shape of the stage.

Watch This: For robot fightin’ fun.
Don’t Watch This: If you want coherence, or cleverness, or a film with anything interesting to say.
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