Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Mystery of Steve Trevor III

Wonder Woman, 1918 (Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 2017)
( This post is something of a sequel to the 2008 post The Mystery of Steve Trevor Junior. Briefly: The first season of the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show was set in 1942 and co-starred Lyle Waggoner as Major Steve Trevor. The later seasons were set in the present day (1977-9) and co-starred Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor Junior. The linked post asks the question does this make any kind of sense? )
Steve Trevor, 1918 (Chris Pine, Wonder Woman, 2017)

Wonder Woman (2017) is not in continuity with Wonder Woman (TV series 1975-1979). But what if they were? Wonder Woman (2017) is set in Paris in 2017, though the vast majority of the action takes place in 1918. The first season of Wonder Woman (1975) is set in 1942, the later seasons in the present (1978-79). Both time periods have Lyle Waggoner as Major Steve Trevor (1942) and Steve Trevor Jr (1978).

Steve Trevor 1942 (Lyle Waggoner, Wonder Woman, 1976)
Chris Pine plays Captain Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017). Pine was 37 in 2017; assuming Trevor is the same age in 1918, then it is quite plausible for him to have had a son in, say 1905, to grow up to be Steve Trevor in time to fight in World War 2. His ambiguous words about marriage in the film suggest a strained relationship; and clearly he did not ever speak to his family about his adventures with Wonder Woman.

More ridiculous attempts to fill out this irrelevant corner of the Wonder-verse from me if they bother to fill out her century of backstory, or if they reboot the character.

(As to Wonder Woman: I liked it; did we need another origin story?; perhaps too much slow motion in the action sequences; and hiding Trevor’s words to reveal later seemed unnecessary.)

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Don’t Watch This: If Wonder Woman beating up a lot of people in 1918 sounds boring.

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